Kimberley's Bathroom Bonanza: Part 4

Kimberley, BC's bathroom bonanza: Part 1

This is the last post in our four-part Bathroom Bonanza! We started here talking about common themes in the three recent bathroom renovations James has done. Then I shared before and after pictures from bathrooms one and two. Today is bathroom three.

As you'll see, the original room was, well, just a room with a sink and toilet. It had hanging storage and holes in the wall!

The new bathroom has a large shower with a rainfall shower head and a seat, useful for kiddos and propping your leg up when you shave!

It has a pony wall (half wall) seperating the shower from the rest of the room which makes it feel enormous when you're in there. (The glass shower screen isn't yet installed in these pictures, but it was on its way.)

I really like the built-in shelf around the sink and the large mirror that reflects the natural light, being right next to the window. The shelf design worked with the existing in-built shelf, taking advantage of the strong features of the old room and reducing reno costs.

The transformation on this one is very cool. It doesn't even look like the same room!


Before the renovation


After the renovation

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