Merry Christmas from Green Goose Renos

Merry Christmas from Green Goose Renos!

Merry Christmas! Well, almost. As I write, there are six more advent calendar choccies before the big day.

On Friday we’re shutting the Green Goose Renos doors and heading out to Calgary to spend the holidays with family. We’ll be back at it on January 2.

Our amazing graphic designer (aka Liz’s amazing sister) designed a Christmas card for us. Unfortunately, we didn’t order enough. I must’ve been distracted when counting the former client list. I blame our toddler and the puppies of Paw Patrol.

That means we didn’t get to send cards to anywhere near as many people as we wanted. I’m sorry if you didn’t get one. But I won’t keep you waiting until next Christmas… here’s the card:

The 2018 Green Goose Renovations & Construction Christmas card.

The 2018 Green Goose Renovations & Construction Christmas card.

This year has been fantastic. In 2018…

  • We got a bit better about balancing work and play. It’s an ongoing balancing game.

  • We had A LOT of fun and kind clients, many of whom James has stayed in contact with long after their projects ended. You know who you are.

  • We enjoyed some new, interesting projects and some good old, steady jobs. The new jobs challenge us and keep things fresh. The steady jobs, like a straightforward bathroom or kitchen, help us feel on top of our game!

  • James discovered he’s pretty good at artsy-fartsy “distressed” staining techniques. That was cool. More to come, I think.

  • We kept ourselves fed and watered and in steady supply of pizza. (Hawaiian, naturally.)

  • We found incredible child care for baby boy, which is particularly difficult to do in Kimberley. We’re so lucky that our child care provider gives us the mental and physical freedom to work in our businesses. We’re able to fully concentrate at work knowing baby boy is safe and having tons of fun.

  • We did not let our baby boy play with the table saw. #ParentingWins.

We’re already pretty booked up for the first half of 2019. I think there might be one open slot left.

For the remainder of next year, we’re hoping to do more fine craft work, like hand made barn doors, unique painting and staining techniques, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Until then, happy holidays. Let’s go get hammered!

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