Kimberley's Bathroom Bonanza: Part 2

Kimberley, BC's bathroom bonanza: Part 1

Last time we talked about common themes in the three recent bathroom renovations James has done. Today, I'm sharing before and after photos from one of those bathrooms.

This was the main floor bathroom of our neighbour's house, so the reno came with the added bonus of hanging out with our lovely neighbour friends!

The old bathroom was quite small so they decided to move the wall seperating it from the guest bedroom back by two feet. I think this was a smart decision. The guest room isn't used too much and is still a good size, even after losing those two feet.

They also decided to give most of the bathroom space over to the shower.  As you know from this post, showers are important! The new shower is HUGE and LUSH. I am quite jealous.

I know the client considered his-and-hers sinks but decided to stick with one so there would be plenty of counter space. A lot of people like the idea of two sinks (though to me, it just seems like twice as many to clean) If you've got the space, it can work well. But in a smaller bathroom that's used every day, the clean, clear counterspace is invaluable.

Lastly, they opted for one of James's hand-made, custom barn doors. The client saw a picture online which gave inspiration for the double-X design. The pick-axe handle is inspired by Kimberley's history as a mining town. And yes, if you were wondering, barn doors can come with locks.

Because it's a small space, the photos don't quite do it justice. But we'll give it a go!


Before the renovation


After the renovation

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