Kimberley's Bathroom Bonanza: Part 3

Kimberley, BC's bathroom bonanza: Part 1

In this post we talked about common themes in the three recent bathroom renovations James has done. Then I shared pics from one bathroom. Today I've got before and after pictures from another bathroom reno, for your nosiness and inspiration!

The orignal bathroom was pretty dated and had pink walls. They chose to update it with grey walls and big, grey tiles with a mosaic accent strip.

Because there wasn't space for a counter surface around the sink, they went for a vanity above the toilet in addition to the mirrored cupboard and vanity under the sink. This gave plenty of storage space.

They also went for a minature sink to make the bathroom feel more spacious.

The wanted to keep the bathtub, which is smart foramilies with small children and also for resale purposes. The after photos were taken before the glass shower screen was installed, but rest assured we didn't leave them screen-less!

I really like the spotlight over the bathtub (no more cave-like showers), the sleek sink fosset, and the tiling above the bathtub.

Read this post for more about the rainfall shower and the shower storage cubby shelf.


Before the renovation


After the renovation

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