Kimberley's Bathroom Bonanza: Part 1

Kimberley, BC's bathroom bonanza: Part 1

Bathrooms! It feels like everyone in Kimberley wants a bathroom renovation. And I can't blame them. A new bathroon is the best way to improve the value of your house and have a better day-to-day experience.

As contractors never have time to reno their own homes, we still have a YELLOW 1960s bathroom in our home. But I know from staying with friends, cousins, and my in-laws how nice it feels to get ready for the day in a shiny, well-organised space.

James constantly gets calls for bathroom renos. He can't take them all (he gets too booked up) but he has done three here in Kimberley in quick succession.

I'm going to share the pictures with you over the next few posts in what I'm calling [drumroll please]... a bathroom bonanza!

But before we get to the pictures (don't worry—none of bathrooms in use), I'm  sharing some common themes we've seen in all three bathrooms (and, in fact, almost all the bathrooms James has ever done. Which is a looooooooooot). Hopefully, if you're thinking of a bathroom renovation, it'll provide some food for thought.


Common theme 1:
Grey is the most popular bathroom colour

Grey bathroom renovation colours

All of these clients wanted grey bathrooms! And I think they made awesome choices. I'm partial to grey myself... we went with "Titanic Grey" for our living room and "Winter Grey" for our son's nursery.

Here's why grey is a great choice:

  • It looks modern

  • It can be warm or cool, depending on the tone

  • It covers a mutltude of sins (I can't be the only one who gets grubby watermarks on the vanity top?)

  • It works well with a lot of tile colours.

  • It ages well. Unlike yellow. Friggin' yellow.


Common theme 2:
Showers are worth their weight in gold

All these clients chose rainfall shower heads! You don't need a huge shower to accommodate this (one was in the bathtub) but two opted to give most of the bathroom space to the shower, because amazing showers can transform your life.

I don't need to explain this. We all know that rainfall showers signal that you have made good choices in life, are successful, smart, wise, and good-looking. Always trust someone with a rainfall shower in their house.

Rainfall shower head


Common theme 3:
Smart storage solutions are essential

James gets unnaturally irritated when he sees a lovely bathroom cluttered up with a cheap hanging shampoo storage thing. It's quite funny. 

So into every shower he renovates, he builds in a tiled cubby shelf for storing shampoo, shower gel, minature waterproof surround-sound stereo and disco lights, whatever floats your boat.

Here's an example of one he did a while back (I'll save the new ones for the next posts)...

Smart storage solution in a bathroom shower

In one of the recent bathrooms, James built in a set of teeny, tiny shelves between the shower and door. The client (a really talented carpenter) built wooden baskets for those shelves, and now they perfectly store toiletries and towels.

In another bathroom, James hunted down a vanity to fit below a mini sink (weirdly, a lot harder to find than you'd think). They also have a vanity above the toilet in addition to the mirrored, built-in cupboard above the sink.

So there you have it...

Grey is popular.

Rainfall showers rock.

Think about your bathroom storage.

Next time I'll share before and after pictures from the first bathroom, so you can be nosey and get inspired.

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