A Summer Update

A summer update from Green Goose Renovations & Construction

It's been a while since we posted because, well, we're so. damn. busy. But chances are, you know all about that! Life and business are keeping us on our toes. But I did want to give you a little update, just so you know we're still rocking and rolling.

James is busy working on two bathrooms right now. He just took delivery of a gorgeous marble shower base and he's working all weekend to get the tiling and grouting finished.

He has another bathroom coming up and a behemoth of a deck that's bigger than our whole house. He also has four barn doors on the books, which is a lot of fun. We love barn doors.

We'll share more project photos when things calm down enough to breathe. But for now, here are a few of the posts we've shared on our facebook page in the last few months. Head on over and click Like to follow us, so you get all the latest updates. You can also shoot us a message there and ask anything you like!

Just a heads-up: James is currently booking into the winter, so be sure to reach out early to talk about your project.

Okay, a roundup of our fave facebook posts of the last few months...


1. Best contractor in Kimberley, BC

We don't know how it happened, but Yelp! listed Green Goose Renos as the #1 Best Contractor in Kimberley, BC! That was a pretty awesome surprise.

Best contractor in Kimberley, BC for renovations.


2. When your baby tries to help with bathroom renovations...

I shared this because it made me smile! :D This is our little boy Oliver, who turned one this month. The toilet is sitting in our living room because James just took delivery and was checking it over.

(The plumber said it's the Rolls Royce of toilets and will never clog. And I can confirm, a baby cannot clog this toilet.)



3. Green Goose Renos turned two!

Yes, happy (belated) birthday to us! We turned two in March and celebrated with this...

Green Goose Renovations turns two.
Green Goose Renovations & Construction turns two!

(If you're interested, the Scotch turned out to be a bit peaty for me, though James likes it. We chose it because we just finished watching Parks & Rec, and Ron Swanson is now our favourite TV character of all time. And this is his fave Scotch.)


4. James met don king on a job Site

I mean, he met Duck King. Or Don King Duck. This little guy with the big hair do:

Green Goose Renos meets Duck King


5. We have a new shed

In his spare time (pff!), James is building a shed for his mom and dad out at their place on Lake Koocanusa. Here's a sneak peak of it half-built. I'll share another pic when it's finished.

Shed by Green Goose Renovations


6. We took advantage of being self-employed

It's sometimes easy to get caught up in work, always wanting to do more and be better. So it's important to remember why we're self employed.

It's to do the work we love, but also to have the family time we want.

Green Goose Renos family time.


7. A bit of renovation humour

This last one is just a bit of renovation fun. No, we haven't had this happen yet.


"Worst case scenario? The renovation goes three years and two million dollars over budget, one of you bludgeons me to death with my own hammer, and you both get the electric chair."

For a reno that doesn't end that way, click here to get in touch!