New Year, Old Goals

New year, old goals at Green Goose Renos

As we barrel into 2018, I had intended to write a post on some new goals for the new year. But I can't.

I racked my noggin for some lofty new resolutions, preferably with fancy alliterate names that would sound impressive when I shared them. But I got nothing.

And I realized it's because what we want for the business for 2018 is the same as what we wanted for 2017.

Nice clients.

Enjoyable jobs.

A good work-life balance.

I suppose I'd add lower lumber prices to the list. Those damn fires did some damage there. But it's all very steadfast and boring. Sorry about that.

Except ... I'm not really sorry. 

I don't actually think there's anything wrong with wanting the same good things for the upcoming year as the last.

Green Goose Renos is gradually growing. We'd like that to continue, but don't feel a desperate need to rev things up. Yes, more enquiries is always great, but we don't need to dominate the entire Kootenays tomorrow.

We do currently have space for anyone who wants work done in February. But we know come March, the requests will be rolling in.

Making sure we keep our high standards is an ongoing goal. That never changes. So it's business as usual, really.

Reflecting back on 2017, I feel like we became a stronger part of the Kimberley community over the course of the year. We moved here from Canmore in 2015 but I find ski towns always take a while to settle into.

But now, James has strong relationships with past clients and other contractors in town. And now I'm a new mom, I've been meeting some awesome other moms who seem a lot like me.

I think small towns like this attract a certain kind of person, and we're making friends with folks who want to parent like us, live like us, and work like us. That's another thing I'd like to continue into 2018.

So, all in all, here's to a new year and old goals. Bring on 2018!



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