How to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles: Size


This is the second post in our 'How to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles' series. Last time we talked about colour. Today we're looking at how to choose the right size tiles for your bathroom. Because ... size does matter.

What size bathroom tiles should you choose?

The general guideline is easy: Large tiles suit larger rooms and small tiles work best in smaller rooms. You can use this as a guideline and discard tiles (from the list we started in this post) at the far opposite end of the spectrum.

The catch is that this isn't a hard and fast rule.

In a small space, large tiles can look good if you make sure there aren't too many cuts (as in, for the most part the tiles fit exactly without having to be trimmed).

So my take is, if you're confident in your design choices, rely on your personal taste and don't let this guideline overrule you. But if feel like your artistic eye is half blind and riddled with cataracts, use this rule. Better to be safe.


The other size consideration is dimensions. Many people will use one type of tile on the floor and a different one on the walls. And/or they'll have one main wall tile then a different tile to create a border effect.

This can look really good, but if you're using more than one type of tile, make sure they fit into multiples of one another so the grout lines match up.

Let's say you're having big tiles on the floor and smaller ones on the walls. If your big tile is 12 inches wide where it'll meet the wall, your small tile should fit exactly into 12. So 4 or 6 inches would work well. A 7 inch tile wouldn't line up and would look wonky where it meets the larger tile.

See in the image below how the smaller border tiles near the top are half the size of the larger tiles? And the grout lines meet up nicely.


Not everyone does this, but it's one of those subtle things that can make the room look more put together and professional.

So those are the design elements to consider when choosing a bathroom tile size. In the next post we'll look at how tile size impacts the cost of your bathroom. And there's more to it than you think!


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