How to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles: Colour


Last week James was tiling a new bathroom up near the ski hill. I haven't seen the space but I know the home owners chose beautiful tiles. They have great taste, but we're not all blessed with that gift! So I thought I'd share a few posts about how to choose the best bathroom tiles for your bathroom. Today is part one: colour ...

What colour bathroom tiles should you choose?

When most of us think of design, we think of colour and pattern. The choices can be overwhelming, so here's a checklist to choosing tiles you love the look of:

1. Start with a looooong list

Go into (online to) a home reno store and make a long list of all the tiles you love. Don't hold back. Be that kid in the candy store!

2. Work with your overall style

Go through that list and scratch off any that are distinctly different from the design of the rest of your house. You want some consistency. Stepping into the bathroom shouldn't feel like entering a new dimension.

3. See the light

If the room is bright, cross off any tiles that are super shiny and reflective. Being blinded by the morning light reflecting off your bathroom tiles might wake you up, but I doubt you'd enjoy it.

If the room doesn't get much light, cross off the darker tiles. No one enjoys a dungeon bathroom.

4. Look into the future

Imagine ... the year is 2040. It's been twenty-odd years since you last renovated, but you still love your home. Except for one thing ...

You're hosting a dinner party, and your robot-servant is mixing martinis when your new neighbour asks for directions to the bathroom. 'Just down on the left,' you say. She hoverboards down the hall and you hear a loud gasp. You know why.

When she returns she says, 'My, that's an interesting bathroom.' And for the millionth time, you apologize. 'I know. The day-glow yellow tile with red spots was really popular for a few months back in 2017.'


Look at your list and get rid of the tiles that you know in your gut won't age well.


5. Think of the canvas

The main tile in your bathroom isn't the place for accent colours. It should be a relatively neutral canvas on which you can add colour and design.

The accents—the really fun stuff—can come from your vanity, medicine cabinet, artwork, linens, or displays. So think of a tile colour that will give your accents space to shine.

Accents can also come from smaller tiles, like a border tile. In that case, choose bolder colours or patterns for the accent tile—the one that will be in the smaller area, and neutrals for the main tile—the one for the larger area.

5. Check in with the other one

Now show your partner. They have to pee in that bathroom too. Cross off any choices they don't like.

(Depending on your partner's interest level, you might want to do this as step two! Or they may want to compile the loooong list with you.)

6. Stay tuned

Now stay tuned for what to do with your shorter list! We'll share some more posts on how to choose bathroom tiles soon. We'll be talking about size, cost, labour, and the "having fun" part of it all!

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