A New Deck at Lake Koocanusa


It's taken a while, but I finally have photos to share with you of a new deck James built at Lake Koocanusa earlier this summer!

He actually built two decks there, for two fifth wheels next to each other. Photos of the second deck are to come (stay tuned for the outdoor dining area!)

But for now, here's deck number one. And keep reading for an inside look at some of the best---and worse---bits about building this deck.

Okay, let's start with the worst.

The worst #1

This fifth wheel is on a lot at Madera Ranch. As with most places like this, all the lots are on gravel pads. Gravel pads that look flat.

It's a lie. All deception. There isn't a flat line or right angle in the entire place. That made getting this deck square a real pain in the whatsit. I know because I was there helping (read: standing around).

But James is a perfectionist and he refused to be undone by a dodgy 87 degree angle. The deck is now square. I dare you to take a level to it.

The worst #2

It was HOT! Over 35°C every day James worked on this. Great news for my suntan. Not so great for working outdoors.

Luckily the lake was nearby for many, many swims to cool down. Unluckily, the closest place that sold ice cream was closed for renos. Bloody renos.

Onto the best...

The best #1

There really is just one best bit that dominates everything else. And that's that this deck was for family members. Which is brilliant because it means we get to enjoy all of James' efforts!

And I can tell you... It is SO NICE to sit on the deck! No more lounging in the dirt like common scum. We're high class now.

It's made a real difference to weekends out there. It just feels easier and more luxurious now.

No more fishing for flip flops in a mound of shoes. Just walk out bare foot with a beer. And no more tramping dust around the trailer.

(Well, it's still a trailer. But no where near as much dust!)

Here's to everyone having a deck! Yay decks!

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