A Fall Update


We've been busy little geese this year! As we shift into fall, here's a quick update on what's been going on at Chez Green Goose Renos.

We're rocking and rolling with parenthood

The main reason we're such busy little geese is that we welcomed our first baby in May! He's now five months old, can (kinda) sit up on his own, and is rocking our world. We're tired, yes, but also really grateful for the life we've chosen.

Both James and I are self employed and it's been our saving grace. Sure, it brings its own challenges (like no paid parental leave, boo) but it means we can choose to create the life we want.

In terms of work, we've found as long as we communicate clearly with clients, everyone is happy. We can schedule an hour away from client work to take the baby to a doctors appointment and, if it's planned in advance, accommodated for, and communicated properly, the work still runs smoothly and the clients are still super happy.

Plus, they get to see baby photos, which makes everyone smile!

Our new little man makes us all the more determined to make our businesses a success so we can provide for him, both for the material stuff and for family time. We both have a renewed drive to make work work well for us. And we're always aware that doing a killer job is the basis for this.

Our gosling isn't the only new addition

We also hired an awesome carpenter to join the Green Goose team. He's been with us a few months now and you may see him on job sites with James.

This was a big step for us as we really felt the weight of having another person rely on us for their income. But it's working out swell! We can get projects completed much faster and also take on bigger projects than before.

The only downside is that James now has to compromise on what music they listen to on job sites.

We hired a great new bookkeeper

She's a local Kimberley woman who really knows her stuff. We're hoping this will make tax time less tiresome. Because I. Hate. Doing. Taxes.

This fall is busier than last

Last year we had a bit of a lag in the back-to-school period. This year we were ready for it and were all set to advertise for this time. But it turned out the advertising wasn't necessary! I think we had an easier time of it because we got a lot more inquiries and word-of-mouth recommendations.

This winter will be busier than last

This is also turning out to be true for December and January, which were quiet last winter. But James is already booking into next February. It's really nice not to worry about being busy, not to have to hand out fliers and advertisements, and to see our business growing year over year.

We'll be introducing a new website soon(ish)

James recently commented that the Green Goose Renos website looks like it was built in the 90s. I admit, it is looking a little dated and we haven't kept up with adding photos to the portfolio section. So we're revamping! It's A LOT of work. But I'm looking forward to the update.

So, see you on the new site soon!

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