Green Goose Renovations & Construction has launched!


After more than a decade of working in renovations and construction, it's happened. Green Goose Renovations & Construction now exists; a registered business owned and operated by James Green, with a real website and legit business cards to boot.

Since James' skills lie with tools and wood and the like, this blog is written by me, James' wife Liz. I'm the one taking care of the boring admin-y stuff while James builds beautiful things.

We live in Kimberley, BC and plan to serve communities across the East Kootenays. That includes Kimberley, Cranbrook, south to Moyie, north to Wasa, Canal Flats, and up to Windermere and Invermere, and east across to Jaffray.

There are a couple of guiding principles we feel strongly about for this new business, and we want to share them with you. So here's a picture that tells (almost) a thousand words...


To read more about us (well, James really, since he's the one doing all the work here), head to the About page. And if you have any questions, you can reach James here.


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